Board Separation without
Component Stress

Reliable, durable, and perfect for sensitive SMD boards: Our separation devices by Frost.

Board Separation – Easy, accident-free, and without damaging the circuit board.

Cost-effective and practical

Low costs, high efficiency: Our board separators prioritize uncompromising efficiency.

No scratches and breaks

Our machines separate circuit boards precisely and without damage. The absolutely parallel separation method by Frost is perfect for sensitive boards, ensuring your components always stay in top form.

Robust and reliable

You can rely on our separation machines. Thanks to interchangeable wear parts, they provide a consistent, durable, and reliable solution for board separation.

Designed for the user

Thanks to intuitive interfaces and ergonomic design, our board separators are easy and accident-free to operate.

Experiencing issues with damaged components?

Nesting technology is the most cost-effective way for the automated assembly of circuit boards. Individual circuit boards (nests) on the panel are separated by milling, perforation, or scoring. This allows for efficient production. Scoring technology has prevailed due to its low costs and the high stability of components.

Abbildung von konventionellem Trennen von Platinen

Issues with Conventional Board Separation

When it comes to conventional board separation, problems arise…

    Shearing separation methods cause spreading between the sections.

    The significant spreading forces in the board damage the components.

    The failure rate is high.

    The challenging handling leads to delays.

    Sensitive SMD boards are particularly vulnerable.

    A smart solution…


    meets high industry standards.


    Only in the absolutely parallel separation method, the separation forces between the tools are clearly defined and transmitted through the core of the remaining web. Therefore, tensions in the board and components cannot arise in the first place.

    The separation method by Frost

    Our separation machines utilize the patented, absolutely parallel separation method by Frost.

    The exact parallelism of the separation tools ensures a precise and gentle separation of the circuit board panels.

    This proven method minimizes the risk of damage to traces and components, especially for sensitive SMD boards.

    The Frost method ensures reliable results with every separation process.

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