About us

Every day, we take pride in our expertise, our products, and our longstanding customers.

A Proven Team – The Perfect Partner.

Reliable, fast, and always on time

We utilize modern processes, are responsive, yet consistently reliable, and deliver swiftly with our in-house delivery service.

Mighty in small scale

As a small, family-owned company, we place immense importance on the consistently high quality and outstanding value for money of our products. We are competent and create real value!

Professionals for over 30 years

As a long-standing player in the premier league of the industry, we take pride in our loyal customers: companies from the semiconductor industry, electrical engineering, and renowned automotive manufacturers.

Dynamic partner with know-how

We produce flexibly according to individual needs and offer solutions for a variety of materials, substances, and processing methods.

We are a Dreamteam !

Together, even a small team can achieve great things and continuously surpass themselves! The experience and routine of our employees are our greatest assets. Our employees are the most important and largest part of Werkzeugbau Engl. They remain loyal to us, and we are grateful for that.

Thank you very much!

We go the extra mile for our customers.

Personalized Service

In our family-owned company, we value personal contact. A member of the management team is your dedicated contact person – for all requirements, questions, and wishes.

Even in emergencies.

Our project fire brigade takes care of your urgent emergency or delivers products directly with our in-house delivery service. Personal and fast.

By professionals for professionals

Our team members are highly motivated and know their strengths. We rely on clear structures that adhere to ISO 9001 standards. This ensures that your product meets the highest quality requirements.

Reliability included

Reliability included: We stand by our statements and only promise what we can deliver.

Your anchor in the storm

We think ahead, anticipate, and consider everything from various perspectives. Sit back and enjoy our worry-free package!

We're here for you, ready to adapt.

Shift work, overtime, short delivery routes, or quickly reconfiguring production? We’ve proven that we can handle it and found ways to make life easier for everyone.

Over 30 Years of History (in brief)


Georg Engl establishes the company Werkzeugbau Engl.

The company grows rapidly and soon becomes a GmbH, manufacturing tools, among other things, for Siemens VDO.

Early 1990s

Günther Frost develops NTE machines and the parallel separation method for his former client Siemens VDO (later Conti and now Vitesco).


Günther Frost looks for a partner for the production of his machines, and a long-standing partnership begins.

Werkzeugbau Engl has been the manufacturer of Frost depaneling machines since the very first one.


Georg Engl retires and hands over the company to his son, Oliver Engl.


Günther Frost retires and sells his company to Werkzeugbau Engl. Since then, we have been not only manufacturers but also sellers of the machines and cutting tools.

Tired of issues caused by damaged components? We have the solution.

Contact us now and optimize your production reliably and permanently. Even for small quantities.